Chicken Broast Recipe 

Ingredients For Chicken Broast Recipe 

– Chicken four pieces broast cut (preferably leg /breast/wing/thigh piece) with skin
– Corn flour ¼ cup
– All-purpose flour ½ cup or APF
– Rice Flour ¼ cup
– Baking Powder ¼ tsp
– Chicken Powder 1 Tsp
– Salt ½ tsp or to taste
– Salt 1 tsp or to taste
– Garlic Powder 1 Tsp
– Black Pepper powder ½ tsp
– Mustard Powder ½ tsp
– Onion Powder 1 Tsp
– White Pepper powder ½ tsp
– Egg 1
– Chilled Milk 2 tbsp
– Vinegar ¼ cup
– Red chilli powder 1 Tsp
– Oil for Deep Fry

Preparation Method Of Chicken Broast Recipe 

– Marinate the chicken with 1 tsp salt, red chilli powder and vinegar and leave for 2-3 hours.
– In a bowl mix, APF, corn flour, rice flour, baking powder, chicken powder, salt, garlic powder, black pepper powder, mustard powder, onion powder and white pepper powder. Whisk well and keep aside.
– Once chicken completes its marinating time, coat the chicken in flour mixture, then dip in beaten eggs and milk mixture and again coat in flour mixture. Do not keep for long and asap place in oil for frying. Fry on low-medium heat and do not turns around too much the coating may break.
– Check occasionally. A coating may not turn deep golden but will be nice light gold at the final stage.
– Serve with French Fries, Dinner Rolls and Garlic Sauce.
– You can reserve the Remaining Flour mixture in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

Garlic Sauce:

– Yogurt ¼ cup
– Garlic Powder ½ tsp
– Salt to taste
– Water 1 tbsp

Whisk them all and serve with broast



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